Clubs and Organizations

There are more than 50 active chartered clubs and organizations at ýƵ.

Join, Form or Re-activate a Club

If you are interested in joining an active club or organization, forming a new club or re-activating an inactive club, complete the Club Interest Form.
NOTE: To form a new club or re-activate an existing club, there must be at least 10 students with a common interest/purpose as well as at least one faculty or staff advisor in order to be chartered.  

Active Clubs/Organizations

Club membership is open to all current ýƵ students. Clubs supplement the students' academic experience through educational, socio-political, cultural, recreational and religious activity.

Organizations that have restrictions to their membership may be recognized by the Student Senate and given access to school facilities to meet and to advertise, but may not be granted a budget. However, any club or organization may request of the Student Senate special project funding for an event or activity. (Forms and procedures for active clubs.)

A-Tech Club

The purpose of this club is to enhance the educational opportunities for individuals in our society by performing automotive related projects that deal with the changing of technology in the practical application of alternative fuels as related to the automotive industry.

Club Advisor: Randy Howarth, WIL 132, (518) 629-7276

Amateur Radio Club

The Amateur Radio Club is for students, faculty and staff who are interested in electronics and the operation of radio transmitting and receiving devices. The club station, W2HVC, is located in Amstuz Hall, Room 107. Its voice, code and data transmission capabilities on a wide spectrum of frequencies gives Federal Communication Commission-licensed members the opportunity to establish contact with other amateur radio stations.

Members who do not have an FCC amateur license may study radio theory in preparation for the exam leading to their own station license. They also may gain communication knowledge by observing the operation of the station. Morse Code is no longer an FCC exam requirement.

Amateur radio operators are often called upon to perform public service communications during emergencies and special events, to report adverse weather conditions to the National Weather Service, or to communicate road conditions to local police agencies.

Club Advisor: Jonathan D. Ashdown, BRN 211, (518) 629-7149

American Chemical Society Club

The American Chemical Society Club provides members with chemistry enrichment activities participation in community outreach, including National Chemistry Day held annually in the fall. The club is a student chapter of the American Chemical Society.

Club Advisor: Danica Nowosielski, SCI 359, (518) 629-8124

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

American Sign Language Club supports the acquisition of American Sign Language within a non-structured social environment and engages those within the Deaf Community on campus and around the Capital District area. 

Club Advisor: Melissa Kate Adams-Silva, MRV 214

American Society of Civil Engineers Student Club (ASCE)

This club promotes the understanding of civil engineering and civil engineering technology and encourages the growth of its members within the profession. The program is an active one, including field trips, speakers, concrete canoe competition, steel bridge competition, and other events.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

The Armed Forces Club

The Armed Forces Club provides a means for the college community to support the efforts of veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces,including student veterans, relatives of veterans, supportive veterans from the community, or representatives from state and federal agencies who work with veterans.

Club Advisor: Stephen Onley, CTR 164, (518) 629-7053

Biology Club

The purpose of the Biology Club is to stimulate interaction and participation and develop an interest amongst students in various aspects of biology. Students who join this club will participate in monthly meetings held on the fourth Monday of every month while classes are in session, engage in community service and hands-on projects, have the opportunity to use the state-of-the-art greenhouse in the Science Center, participate in problem-solving activities, engage with guest speakers and career talks.

Club Advisors:
Jaya Dasgupta, SCI 261, (518) 629-7474
Sujatha Kadaba, SCI 225, (518) 629-7398

Black and Latino Student Union

The Black and Latino Student Union (BLSU) was established in October 1968. Its purpose is to promote the mission of the college and to promote the awareness of Black and Latino history and culture through social, educational and community service activities. All students of ýƵ are eligible and welcome to become members of the BLSU.

Club Advisors:
Antoine Johnson, GUN 269, (518) 629-4536
Larry Ellis, CTR 266, (518) 629-7175

Brothers Incynch

The primary purpose of Brothers Incynch is to provide male students (female students are invited to join the club, as well) with essential tools to complete their degrees through mentoring, internships, inspirational speakers and work with community leaders. According to a literature review, many scholars have identified African American and Latino males as an "endangered species," and the successful African American and Latino males as an anomaly. Brothers Incynch functions as a vehicle to stop the tide of despair among many of our disadvantaged male students. It is a gateway for promoting understanding and helping male students by creating a platform for individuals to find their voices and communicate. The organization promotes greater retention rates for males and opportunities of preparedness for continued higher education opportunities. The long-term results of programming are to enhance greater retention while engaging in academic pursuits. Futuristically, providing a platform for more voices is an essential component of greater economic, social, and political consequences for society.

Club Advisor: Tamu Chambers, FTZ 101, (518) 629-7431

The ýƵ Builders Club (Student Chapter of the NAHB)

Hudson Valley's Builder's Club, a chapter of the National Association of Home Builders, provides an excellent opportunity for students in the Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Technology programs, as well as other related programs, to interact with and develop contacts with the leaders in the Capital Region construction industry. Members may attend monthly meetings of the Albany Area Builders Association, where speakers from across the Northeast address owners, CEOs and management personnel of the area's top contracting firms and suppliers. At the meetings, there is ample time for members to network with professionals who are more than willing to discuss their interests and aspirations.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Cheerleading and Pep Squad

The purpose of the Cheerleading and Pep Squad is to create team and school spirit across the campus and community.

Club Advisor: Kelly Bunkley, GUN 159, (518) 629-7307

The Choir Club

The purpose of this club will be to improve quality of life for individuals on our campus by offering students the opportunity to belong to a singing group and perform on campus at events and activities designed to celebrate and enhance the quality of campus life.

Club Advisor: Mary Ann Gulyas, BRN 102, (518) 629-7506

Circle K International

The purpose of Circle K International is to provide the opportunity for leadership training through service on campus and in the community, to promote fellowship and high scholarship, and to develop aggressive citizenship and the spirit of service for the improvement of all human relationships. The members of the ýƵ Circle K are students who agree to perform community service in order to create positive changes on campus and in the surrounding communities.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Collegiate Academic Support Program (CASP) Club

The purpose of the CASP Club is to create an environment on campus that celebrates diversity, inclusiveness and community.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Cosplay Club

The mission of the Cosplay Club is to educate students interested in costume play (cosplay) on how to manage projects, create costumes and props, and learn from one another.

Club Advisor: Rosanne Raneri, CTR 110, (518) 629-7654

Criminal Justice Association

The Criminal Justice Association is an active community of learners, as well as future criminal justice scholars and practitioners, who are impassioned about the issues and challenges unique to the criminal justice system. All aspects of criminal justice, including law enforcement, the courts and the correctional system will be the subject of consideration, discussion and debate. Guests speakers, field trips, and a variety of activities and community service initiatives round out association events and provide a dynamic forum within which students may share their enthusiasm for criminal justice.

Club Advisor: Shawna-Kay Addison, BTC 247, (518) 629-8088 mailbox 60222

Dungeons and Vikings

The Dungeons and Vikings Club builds a strong, more vibrant recreational gaming community by generating an interest in gaming for new players and providing a resource for existing players to gather, coordinate and socialize.

Club Advisors:
Joseph Stenard, MRV 109, (518) 629-7539
John Thompson, BRN 227, (518) 629-8156

Education Club

The Education Club strives to carry out the mission of the college and the Teacher Preparation Department by providing a variety of activities that help children globally and within the local community. Members advocate for the rights of children, provide a forum for discussion surrounding issues pertaining to childhood, and encourage student participation in the National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference each year. Any student in the department may join the Education Club. The club's student board of directors seeks input from membership to determine activities for the year, which according to the student voice and decision-making within the club.

Club Advisors:
Laura Brewer, HGB 105, (518) 629-7396
Ann Plourde, HGB 211, (518) 629-4833

Educational Opportunity Program Club

The Educational Opportunity Program Club is designed to assist the Educational Opportunity Program in becoming more diverse and flexible through active participation in monthly group meetings. It aims to establish a cohesive group that can determine the needs of the EOP population. Guest speakers are invited to address specific and various EOP topic areas.

Club Advisor: Michelle Cavaleri, CTR 120, (518) 629-7432

Electrical Construction and Maintenance Club

The Electrical Construction and Maintenance Club was organized to help develop a better understanding of the electrical and electronic fields, and to promote fellowship among student members. The club sponsors speakers and field trips to industry events and facilities. Social activities include annual fall and spring outings.

Club Advisor: James Countryman, WIL 129, (518) 629-7270

Engineering Science Association Of Hudson Valley (ENSA)

The Engineering Science Club, formed in 1977, helps engineering students broaden their educational opportunities through activities not normally experienced in the classroom. Activities include speakers, trips and social events.

Club Advisor: Dr. Linda Lim, BTC 244, (518) 629-4868

Entrepreneurs Club

This club is open to all students on campus, with the goal of fostering pride and fellowship within the School of Business and throughout the college community. Centering around each student's future academic and career goals, we encourage interest and activity in the fields of business and related areas.

Club Advisors:
Danielle Blesi, BRN 222, (518) 629-7675
Johanna (Jodi) Mather, BRN 225, (518) 629-7659

Foreign Language and Culture Club

The Foreign Language and Culture Club is open to all students who are interested in learning more about other languages and cultures. Club members include American and international students from the college who are interested in making new friends and learning together. Typical club activities include visits to cultural performances and museums, group dinners at local international restaurants, and participation in trips and activities sponsored by the Student Activities Office. Club members volunteer at college events such as Homecoming, Spring Fest and the Annual Club Fair. Members also co-sponsor events, such as the International Thanksgiving Dinner, with the International Students Club. It hosts an annual Spring Awards Ceremony to commend members for their participation in the club. Note: It is not necessary to speak a foreign language or take a language course in order to become a club member.

Club Advisor: Natasha Anthony, BRN 112, (518) 629-7500

Garden and Horticulture Club

The mission of the club is to educate and engage club members in gardening, horticulture, landscape, resource management, stewardship and related activities.

Club Advisor: Dr. Hunter Fonda, SCI 163, (518) 629-7412

Hacky Pack Club

This club encourages students to create diverse social connections and participate in a recreational exercise that is accessible to a wide range of students, regardless of skill level or experience. It also encourages creative expression, human unity, and charity for the less fortunate.

Club Advisor: Joseph Stenard, MRV 109, (518) 629-7539

Health and Administrative Information Management Club

The Health and Administrative Management Club is an academic organization of dynamic individuals, working as a team to build successful personal, academic and professional networks leading to future careers. The club welcomes all students interested in developing contacts with fellow students, faculty and alumni, as well as professionals working in the field of Health and Administrative Information Management.

Club Advisor: Barbara LaMarche, BRN 118, (518) 629-7133

Club website:

The Hudsonian

The Hudsonian is the official student news organization of ýƵ.

Published weekly during the academic year, The Hudsonian's purpose is to serve campus and the community by providing timely news. Student staff members gain valuable experience in the creation and publication of a broadcast and print journalism. The Hudsonian offers opportunities in journalism, the editorial process, layout, advertising, public relations, promotions, accounting and web design. The experience is an excellent addition to a resume and published work can be included in a portfolio. In addition, staff members develop many valuable networking connections, may attend national media conferences and are eligible for internship opportunities at local new outlets.

Check Out The Hudsonian
  • Read The Hudsonian at
  • Listen to
  • Find The Hudsonian on Facebook at
  • Contact us at or (518) 629-7187

The Hudsonian has received national recognition and awards for the quality of the news and design, including:

  • 9th in the nation in the Best of Show Competition in the category for two-year colleges in 2018 and 2019
  • 3rd place recognition in the Apple Awards, Two-Year School category at the in NYC

Club Advisors:
George L. Nagy, CTR 210, (518) 629-8088 mailbox 60357
John Staerker, MRV 131, (518) 629-7323

Human Services Club

The Human Services Club provides students with a better understanding of who they are as human service workers. The club fosters communication among faculty, students and other members of the college. Activities include:

  • Workshops, field trips and student\ conferences
  • Community service projects that improve the quality of life for individuals within the community

This club provides a support system for students through meetings and social gatherings that promote unity, companionship and commitment. Open to all students in the Human Services curriculum, in addition to other students who have an interest.

Club Advisor: Lori Becker, BRN 009, (518) 629-7352

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (I.E.E.E.)

The student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is open to all students in the Electrical Technology and Engineering Sciences departments. The IEEE is an international organization engaged in promoting the search for preservation and dissemination of knowledge of electrical engineering and the allied arts and sciences. Members of the student branch conduct and attend seminars, take field trips and participate in the annual national convention.

Club Advisor: Jonathan D. Ashdown, BRN 211, (518) 629-7149

International Students Club

The purpose of this club is to foster a sense of community among international and American students. The club is open to anyone who is interested in meeting and interacting with students from other countries. Through presentations, the club provides international students with important information regarding their immigration status, campus-based resources and services and other areas of interest. Club activities provide all interested students, representing a wide array of countries, with opportunities to share their experience and culture with others. Members enjoy shared dinners, meetings, trips and socials.

Club Advisors:

Jay Deitchman, GUN 215, (518) 629-7567
Aidan Glynn, GUN 126, (518) 629-7151

Investment Club

The Investment Club's mission is to improve financial literacy and practical knowledge on markets, investments, risk abatement and other decision-making strategies. The club manages real funds in the stock market, hosts experienced speakers, and offers resume building leadership opportunities! The ýƵ Foundation is a sponsor of the Investment Club, and we partner with other clubs on campus as well.

Club Advisors:
Joseph Stenard
, MRV 109, (518) 629-7539
Dr. Chong Hwan Son, MRV 108, (518) 629-7868

Jewish Student Union

The Jewish Student Union aims to enrich Jewish life on campus by promoting awareness and helping Jewish students connect with their heritage through social activities.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Martial Arts Club

This club's purpose is to share a wide variety of martial arts knowledge and help members hone their skills, learn new skills, and stay fit, as well as advance their art to their fullest potential. The club emphasizes nonviolence, good health, fitness and good etiquette.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Mortuary Science Student Association

The Mortuary Science Club was chartered in 1972 for all students in the Mortuary Science curriculum. Club members host activities on campus; act as a liaison between the public and funeral services; visit industries allied with funeral service; discuss problems that are pertinent to mortuary science students; and prepare for their chosen profession.

Club Advisor: Lori Purcell, FTZ 011, (518) 629-7334

Muslim Student Association

The purpose of this club is to initiate a better understanding of the culture of Islam by exploring the true Islamic way of life.

Club Advisor: John Staerker, MRV 131, (518) 629-7323

Niemond Zonders

The Niemond Zonders Club was organized by nursing students to generate interest in the nursing profession and current health issues. Membership is open to all Hudson Valley students. Community-oriented health services are provided through activities that include volunteer work for non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross. Educational activities are scheduled periodically during the year.

Contact: Kate A. Rodriguez, FTZ 239, (518) 629-8180

Not A Bit Of Difference Club

The Not A Bit Of Difference Club was established by students with disabilities on the ýƵ campus, and membership is open to all students interested in promoting awareness of disability-related issues. Club members do fundraising, take field trips to area theaters and museums and pursue other activities of interest. They also are encouraged to play an active role in campus community life.

Club Advisor: Ann Petersen, CTR 138, (518) 629-7535

Pep Band Club

The purpose of the Pep Band Club is to foster school pride, support Hudson Valley students, faculty and staff, and to inspire community pride with our performances. The Pep Band Club is constantly searching for new members interested in raising school spirit.

Club Advisor: Mary Ann Gulyas, BRN 102, (518) 629-7506 mailbox 60308

Phi Theta Kappa

The Alpha Xi Sigma chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international academic honor society for two-year colleges, recognizes and promotes scholarship, develops leadership, encourages service and cultivates fellowship among qualified students of the college.

Club Advisors:
Jim Fry, SCI 329, (518) 629-7678
Christine Saxe, HGB 213, (518) 629-7253

Club website:

Physical Education Majors Club

Membership in the Physical Education Majors Club is for any student majoring in physical education or any student attending Hudson Valley on a full- or part-time basis who is interested in furthering the basic concepts and varied disciplines related to this professional field.

Activities are varied and include social activities, clinics and workshops, speakers, field trips to various colleges and participation in local and state conferences.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Pride Alliance

The purpose of this club is to improve the quality of campus life for gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, label-free and transgender members of the community.

Club Advisor: Jane Valinoti, CTR 230, (518) 629-7200

Programming, Web Development and Design Club

The purpose of the Programming, Web Development and Design Club is to give CISS students, as well as other students, hands-on experience in programming, web development and design. Participation gives students the experience of working in a group setting on real world projects and the opportunity to build a portfolio.

Club Advisor: John Thompson, BRN 227, (518) 629-8156

Psychology Club

The purpose of this club is to expose Hudson Valley students to the different subdisciplines of psychology and to offer students the opportunity for service to the college community.

The Psychology Club seeks to establish connections between students and local agencies that use psychological principles and applications.

Club Advisor: Sonja Miller, (518) 629-7538

Radiologic Technology Club

The Radiologic Technology Club provides opportunities for radiography students to enrich their educational and professional development through activities and guest lectures. Club members also seek to educate the campus community about the profession during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Radiologic Technology Week. Members assist department faculty in the recruitment of future radiographers through radiologic technology laboratory open house events. The club sponsors a professional recognition ceremony at which senior radiologic technology students are accepted into the profession as competent imaging specialists. The program's faculty, hospital clinical educators and staff, as well as guest speakers, participate in this ceremony. Club members organize and participate in fundraising events.

Club Advisors:
Mary Potanovic, BRN 016, (518) 629-7365
Erica Cole, BRN 017, (518) 629-7329

Respiratory Care Club

This club is designed to disseminate knowledge regarding the theory and practice of respiratory care, as well as furthering student professional development.

The club actively participates in charity fundraising for those afflicted with lung diseases; sponsors community lung-function screenings; participates in the Better Breathers Club and asthma clinics for the American Lung Association, Rensselaer County DARE, as well as other school-based programs; and sponsors at least one fundraising event during the year to allow members to attend an educational symposium.

Club Advisor: Ken Riordan, JRD 211, (518) 629-7454

Russian Club

The Russian Club offers students a unique and challenging opportunity to enrich their understanding of Russian history and culture. By supplementing classroom studies with exciting annual tours and trips to Russian plays and restaurants throughout the Northeast, the club strives to give students a vivid background of contemporary life in Russia. The Russian Club offers many rewarding and educational opportunities to students interested in Slavic culture and traditions.

Club Advisor: Natasha Anthony, BRN 112, (518) 629-7500

Sisters Incynch

The Sisters Incynch Club provides essential support for our diverse student population through a multicultural forum. Members design projects and programs that embrace diversity. The club arranges various social and cultural awareness activities, including educational trips and student-centered leadership programs sponsored by the Hudson Valley Student Senate. Our goals are to:

  • Promote and provide friendly, informative and supportive services for students;
  • Develop a systematic and integrated approach to student persistence in personal and professional success;
  • Increase awareness of student support services, policies and campus events;
  • Foster and promote student responsibility and involvement in his/her education;
  • Promote the integration of pluralism within the college community;
  • Develop and promote institutional programs and processes that embrace diversity;
  • Increase the recruitment, retention, success and transfer of students from under-represented groups.

Katrina's Closet Service Learning and Civic Responsibility
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Sisters Incynch traveled to Louisiana to assist in recovery efforts. When club members visited and interviewed the principals, teachers and students in the 9th ward who were forced to relocate to under served schools, they were inspired to find ways to assist economically challenged students and disconnected populations seeking career success in our own community. "Katrina's Closet" was born from that inspiration, as a way for club members to provide a resource for gently worn career and professional clothing for women and men.

The Katrina's Closet project promotes service learning in many ways, primarily by enhancing motivation and improving retention of academic skills by tying specific learning goals to community needs. Service learning is embedded in the experience through individual and collective responsibility in the management and operation of the project. In addition to learning how to apply classroom learning to a real-world context, Katrina's outreach efforts seek to address the needs of various disadvantaged populations at Hudson Valley, as well as some of the real-life needs in their own communities throughout the Capital Region. Sisters Inc. members also have participated in bringing relief to national and global disaster situations such as Hurricane Katrina and the ongoing Haiti Relief Project.

Katrina's Closet provides a compelling reason to learn, and an unobtrusive way to teach the skills of civic participation and to develop an ethic of service and civic responsibility.

Club Advisor: Tamu Chambers, FTZ 101, (518) 629-7431

Club website:

Ski and Snowboard Club

Membership in this club is open to all Hudson Valley students. All receive discounts on our trips. Beginners through experts are invited to join for the wide variety of skiing we do. During the season, we have several day trips to areas such as Sugar Bush, Killington and Stratton Mountain.

Contact: Keith Thomas, MCD 173, (518) 629-7373

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The Hudson Valley student chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is an affiliate of Capital District Chapter #20, the local chapter of the International Organization of Manufacturing Professionals, and is open to all students with an interest in manufacturing. The SME is an international professional society dedicated to serving its members and the manufacturing community through the advancement of professionalism, knowledge and learning. It has more than 70,000 members in 70 countries and is affiliated with several other professional organizations. Students gain exposure to and insight into today's manufacturing facilities through publications, tours, demonstrations, exhibits and technical forums. Student members who join the parent organization also may download shareware and communicate with manufacturing students and professionals throughout the world, in addition to listing their resume and searching for employment opportunities.

Visit for more information on SME.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Society of Refrigeration (Mechanics) Technicians

The SRT is for students interested in the field applications of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. The principle objective is education, achieved through field trips, educational talks and contact with professionals in the refrigeration field.

Membership is open to all Hudson Valley students, and for a minimum fee you will receive discounts on our trips. Meetings will be held on Fridays at 2 p.m. in WIL 158. 

Club Advisor: Tim Smith, WIL 129, (518) 629-7313

Solar Society Club

The purpose of the Solar Society Club is to inform, inspire and foster innovative collaborations among students, faculty and staff on the campus with an interest in environmental sustainability. The objective would be to include students with different backgrounds and interests from a wide variety of programs offered at the college in dialog, field trips and activities to better understand global climate change issues.

Club Advisor: Penny Hill, FTZ 305, (518) 629-7294

Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association (SADHA)

The SADHA is an organization of dental hygiene students dedicated to building the ethical and educational future of the profession. The purposes of this association are to cultivate, promote and sustain the art and science of dental hygiene; to represent and safeguard the common interest of the members of the dental hygiene profession; and to contribute to the improvement of public health.

Activities of the association include informative poster presentations at local, regional and national meetings; multiple children's dental health events; fundraising; community service educational engagements and a professional dental hygiene achievement ceremony.

The membership of this organization consists of an unlimited number of dental hygiene students who are part of an accredited dental hygiene program.

Club Advisors:
Lisa Lavery
, FTZ 111, (518) 629-7480
Jeffery McMinn, FTZ 103, (518) 629-7418

Student Art League

The Student Art League (SAL) is a community of artists, a community that supports growing artists and connections.

We aim to connect with students with a love for art, regardless of prior experience. Over the semester, members will discuss art-related events such as fundraisers, design contests and visiting artist talks. SAL members will take a FREE field trip to a museum/gallery every semester. SAL is known for its student-produced zine "The Mutt," a mini magazine showcasing sketchbook pages, doodles, articles, poems and photos of the current semester. "The Mutt" is free for all students and holds a release party to celebrate the semester and what members have created together.

Club Advisors:
Thom Lail, HUD 154, (518) 629-8009
Tara Fracalossi, ADM 103, (518) 629-8006

Student Christian Association

We are a group of Christians from different denominations who are united in Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to strengthen and encourage one another as Christians and to share our faith and love with others on campus.

We believe that our Creator loves us passionately and longs to have a close and personal relationship with us. Our emphasis is on walking in righteousness; diligently seeking God and pursuing His presence (Heb. 11:6); being filled with His Holy Spirit (Eph. 5:18-20); studying and obeying His word (Psalm 119:11); growing as true disciples of Christ; loving Him with all our might; and loving others (Mark 12:30-31).

Whether you are a Christian already or are just looking for more meaning to life, we'd love to have you join us!

Club Advisor: Michele Wiltsie, BRN 225, (518) 629-7146

Club website:

Table Tennis Club

The Table Tennis Club participates in outside tournaments and runs two ýƵ championships every year. Four club tables are located on the first floor of the Siek Campus Center.

Club Advisor: George L. Nagy, CTR 210, (518) 629-8088 mailbox 60357

Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society

The Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society is a scholastic recognition society for college students in the technical institute curricula. It was founded to provide recognition and high standards of scholarship among students in engineering technology programs; to promote and encourage scholastic achievement by offering membership to outstanding students; and to engender certain desirable qualities of personality, intellect and character among its members. Membership is restricted to full-time, matriculated students in the college's School of Engineering and Industrial Technologies who are academically in the upper four percent of their engineering technology curricula.

Contact: Student Activities Office, CTR 210, (518) 629-7348

Theatre Club

The purpose of the Student Theatre Club is to provide students and Hudson Valley community members an opportunity to pursue an interest in theatre, regardless of prior experience. Potential club experiences include acting, costume design, lighting design, sound design, set construction, stage management, direction and production. The Theatre Club puts on several shows each academic year, with ample opportunity for involvement of anyone interested. Shows are always free to Hudson Valley students, and often community members, parents and friends attend.

Club Advisor: Julie Demers, MRV 209, (518) 629-7759

Tour Guide Club

The Tour Guide Club is open to all students interested in learning more about Hudson Valley's services and programs and sharing this knowledge with prospective students, and their parents or friends by leading campus tours. Tour guides become "peer recruiters" and, in turn, develop valuable interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.

Club Advisor: Melissa Coon, GUN 217, (518) 629-4534

Upcoming Filmmakers Club

Upcoming Filmmakers is a student-run club that promotes individuals who want to learn all about film and film production. Our goal is to establish a community to inspire students to make their own films within the club, as collaborations, or as a solo production.

Club Advisor: Jason Van Staveren, BTC 1023, (518) 629-7008

Vikings for Life

Vikings for Life are pro-life students who believe the right to life is a fundamental human right. Membership is composed of students who aim to engage the campus community in meaningful ways to find common ground and promote a culture of life. 

Club Advisor: Joseph Stenard, MRV 109, (518) 629-7539

Inactive Clubs/Organizations

  • Animal Outreach Club
    The Animal Outreach Club promotes and fosters animal advocacy projects locally and globally.
  • Habitat for Humanity Club
    A student-led organization that partners with local Habitat affiliates in Troy and Albany to build homes for those who otherwise could not afford them.
  • ýƵ Mathematics Club
    The purpose of this club is to provide a center for mathematically inclined students to engage in contests, discussion and study related to the field of mathematics.
  • Public Speaking Club
    This club is designed to help improve students' public speaking skills, help them feel relaxed and confident when speaking in front of a group, and improve their auditory skills to help them evaluate other peoples' speaking abilities. Members will also learn to give impromptu speeches, which will help them learn to communicate ideas effectively.
  • Real Life Club
    The purpose of the Real Life Club is to build movements of students who are transformed by Jesus Christ.
  • Red Cross Club
    The Red Cross Club practices and exemplifies humanitarian values through mission-related service projects.

If you are interested in re-activating an existing inactive club, complete the Interest Form below. 
NOTE: To form a new club or re-activate an existing club, there must be at least 10 students with a common interest/purpose as well as at least one faculty or staff advisor in order to be chartered. 
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